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Lifting correctly play a crucial point when we are trying to bulk up and gain muscle mass. Lifting is an extremely broad topic, that is why MuscleBulkers blogs simplify everything you need to know. 

It is no secret that eating will make you gain weight. However, it can be complicated when trying to calculate calories or figuring out what foods we should be consuming.

Sleep section covers everything regarding muscle recovery. Actual muscle growth process happens during rest, that is why this step is just as crucial as lifting and eating.

Being consistent with new habits is the only way you will see results. Do not buy into idea of gaining muscle quick. It is a process which turns into a lifestyle.

“This website has helped me understand fitness and made me realize how simple it is. It opened my mind about how many myths there are in fitness industry”


Online Coaching

Online Personal Training allows me to help more clients around the world with their weight gaining goals. 
Contact me here  to find out how it works.

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About Ire

Hey, my name is Ire and originally I am from Slovenia. I have studied Exercise Science in New York (Manhattan College) and I work as a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach in Stockholm, Sweden. I have gained my experience through years of competing on a high level as a Discus Thrower as well as through helping hundreds of clients. 

My passion is great due to the fitness journey I have went through. My body transformation completely changed my life. It went way beyond fitness and I believe everyone can do the same thing. That is why I decided to dedicate my time to help people who were just like me. Depressed, skinny and self conscious.

Contact me through here if you need some extra help. 

My Tranformation

I went from being a 180lbs to 255lbs. At 6'7, I have a lot of frame to fill. I want this video to serve you as a reminder that everything is possible as long as you LIFT, EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT!

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