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Hey, my name is Ire.I am a Personal Trainer/ Strength Coach based in Stockholm, Sweden.When you don't find me in the gym, I will most likely be on a Track and Field stadium throwing around a discus.

Jul 04

How much does online personal training cost?


Question: How much does online personal training cost? Answer: Lately it seems that many people are choosing online personal trainers over offline. One big reason for that is because online personal training is generally cheaper. But how much cheaper? How much does online personal training cost? The prices can vary greatly from $30 to $200 […]

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May 18

Homemade Weight Gainer (Build Your Own)

By Ire | Calories

Homemade Weight Gainer (Build Your Own) This is an article which will help you build your own homemade weight gainer. Are you the guy who can’t gain any weight even though you are eating all the time? Hey man, I know how you feel. I used to be just like you. Unfortunately, what everybody is […]

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Apr 20

Dirty Bulk VS Clean Bulk

By Ire | Calories

Dirty bulk vs clean bulk? In this article I will discuss what are the differences, pros/cons to each and which one should you pick. What is bulking Bulking is a process of gaining weight. For the most part, that weight consists of muscle, fat and water weight. Gaining weight has everything to do with energy […]

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