Bulking Breakfast For Hardgainers: 1000 Calories To Start Your Day

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Aug 25

This article will give you everything you need to know about eating breakfast while gaining weight. It also offers my 3 favorite bulking breakfast recipes I use every day.


We have all heard the phrase “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. However, this statement has happened to be debunked in the past few years. Scientists now believe that breakfast should be treated just as every other meal.

Some people skip breakfast because they are lazy, however some do it with purpose such as sticking to a diet like intermittent fasting. I assume that if you are on my website, you have a problem gaining weight/muscles, therefore intermittent fasting is not what you should be worried about.
However, why you can’t gain weight, is due to one reason. That is that you are NOT eating enough. I know some of you think: “but I eat all the time” …NO, if you are not gaining weight that means you are in caloric deficit, which means that YOU SHOULD EAT EVEN MORE! Skipping breakfast, when we are trying to gain weight does not make any sense. If you have been skipping breakfast and complaining about not gaining weight, don’t you think that adding extra 1000 calories before lunch could help?

Girl stepping on a scale after waking up


Just because we want to bulk up and look bigger, doesn’t mean we can now eat junk food 24/7. Remember, gaining muscles and weight should be due to us eating as healthy as possible. We just eat a lot of it! We are not going to try to add calories by increasing the amount of syrup we pour on pancakes in the morning. We are looking to add quality nutrient which will give us energy to start our day and avoid the crash that we would usually get, if we just consume massive amounts of sugar.


We are shooting for variety of different foods. We do not want purely one macronutrient dominating. However, since we are weight training as well (or at least should be), protein intake should be a little bit higher. Besides that, we are looking to add complex carbohydrates, essential fat and fiber.

Peanut butter multigrain toast to get bigger muscles



5 large eggs
-2tbsp. cheese
-half of medium onion
-half of tomato
-2 slices of ham
-3 slices multigrain bread
-2 tbsp. peanut butter

Firstly, get out your toaster and throw in your multigrain bread in there. Meanwhile, cut all the ingredients that are going into an omelet and mix them with eggs. After, just put it into a pan and scramble it up until it is done. Take the bread out and spread peanut butter on it. Here you go, breakfast option number one with following macronutrients.

CALORIES: __1063__ PROTEIN: __64__ CARBOHYDRATES: __59__FAT: ___64_


-100 grams oats (1.4 cup)
– 312 ml milk (1 cup)
-2 tbsp Peanut Butter (30g)
-75g of Greek Yogurt
-2 tbs Baking Cocoa (10g)
-1 scoop of Protein Powder

Firstly, mix milk with oatmeal. After, put that in the microwave for 2 minutes. After the beep, we add the rest of the ingredients and mix it thoroughly. I make this style of oatmeal many times, since it is less time consuming than an omelet.

CALORIES: __980__ PROTEIN: __61__ CARBOHYDRATES: __100__FAT: __43__



-1tbsp Honey
-100g Oats
-300g Milk
-140g Frozen Mixed Barries
-30g Peanut Butter (2tbsp)

This one is a good one if we are short on time. We can be done with preparation in just 2 minutes. All we need to do is put all ingredients in a blender and mix it up. We can then easily just pour it into a shaker bottle and sip it during out daily commute. The mix is supposed to be a little bit thicker, just like in any other mass gainer shake.  If we don’t have Protein powder supplement we can simply add egg whites instead. In that case, we should only use half the milk, so the shake doesn’t become too liquid.

CALORIES: __1026__ PROTEIN: __57___CARBOHYDRATES: __128__FAT: __35__

Mass Gainer Shake for gaining weight

Need help designing your own perfect breakfast?

If you need help planning meals perfect for your body, check out of online coaching opportunities here!

Coach Ire will be able to help you to structure your workouts and diet in order to finally put some flesh on those bones.


Remember, that we are aiming for a clean bulking breakfast. Healthy variety of food in bigger amounts. These three meals represent a perfect example of just that. Hopefully, those three examples gave you an idea how you will now prepare your breakfast. Feel free to play around with this. Add things or alternate, based on your needs and allergy restrictions.

With these three bulking breakfast variations you will be one step closer with achieving your dream body. You will also feel more energized throughout the day.

Bulking breakfast for hardgainers

So, next time you are thinking about snoozing that alarm and skipping breakfast to get 15 more minutes of sleep (which will not do shit, btw), you should also think about how you are not doing any good to yourself. Have you been a lazy your entire life? Well, if you want to build those muscles, better stop complaining and start changing who you are. Clearly, the path of least resistance has not given you results you want. Get up and make your breakfast son.

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      Yeah, PB is usually a big friend for us hardgainers 😀

      But, you can just follow the recipes without using PB or substitute it with butter that doesnt contain nuts

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