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Aug 31

Hardgainer Snacks: High Calories On The Go

By Ire | Recipes

In this article I will describe some of my favorite hardgainer snacks that I enjoy while bulking. My goal with this blog is to inform skinny guys/girls on how to gain weight correctly. I try to do that, by making the entire process as fun as possible. I try to make people realize that bulking […]

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Aug 26

Hardgainer Shake Recipes For Skinny Guys

By Ire | Recipes

These 7 incredibly tasty hardgainer shake recipes are one of the best tools for you, if you are struggling with putting on mass. Below, I will give you exact reasons why you should implement them ASAP, if you are having problems gaining muscle. WHY SHAKES: Many skinny guys claim that they just can’t eat as […]

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Jul 15

How To Calculate Macros? (Step-by-step guide)

By Ire | Calories

Question “how to calculate macros?” should come up when dealing with gaining weight. Calories play key role with getting more muscles. If we miss this part, we will never achieve our goals. So, make sure to read this article fully and reread it until you completely understand it. Without knowing this, you will fail in […]

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