Ectomorph Transformation (My own transformation)


May 08


It was a year 2012 and I was 17 years old teenager. Up until then, I would never really care how my body looks. However, once hormones kicked in and girls came into play, I slowly became more and more self conscious about my body.

All my friends already had girlfriends and would often pick on me. Being 6’7 and 176lbs (80kg), I was extremely skinny. That is why my appropriate nickname was “Skinny Tall Guy” or even “Slenderman”. Rightfully so.

Once enough negative emotion piled up, I came to a realization I cannot live like that. For the first time in my life, I have decided to make a significant change.

  • I decided I will take responsibility of my own action
  • I decided I will demand respect
  • I decided I will change my body appearance
  • I decided I will change my life


Skinny ire lying in bed

Since I did not dare to go to the gym in the beginning I firstly discovered calisthenics. 500 crunches every day on the bed and 100 push-ups. Eventually, I begged my mom to buy me a set of dumbbells.

Ritual was to watch a motivational videos first and then drop on the floor and do some ridiculously bad planned workout. Some stretching by the end and a whole liter of natural yogurt after. If only I knew how to actually count calories

After some weeks, I would start noticing my shoulders and abdominal muscles being a little bit bigger. I could even see my biceps when I try to contract it.

My brother started going to the gym so I decided to tag along. I learn how to perform a Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press and started getting stronger.

I would eat absolutely everything I could find in the fridge. My mom must have been pissed by the amount of extra shopping trips she had to do.

Track and Field

After a year, I found out that there is something called athletics scholarship out in USA. Apparently, if you are good enough in your sport, you could get your whole tuition paid for? Studying in USA without paying $60,000USD every year? Sounds like a good goal to continue my ectomorph transformation.

However, at that time I was not training any sports. A friend of mine told me I could use my height in Track and Field. Hell, lets try it. I had 20 months to get to the “good enough” level.

About 15 months later I was standing on the first place stand in Slovenian Winter National Competition in Discus throw with a scholarship offers in my inbox.

I picked D1 Manhattan College in New York City. Sounded like a great opportunity. Four year after, I walked the commencement floor to pick up my Exercise Science diploma while hearing the sound of my name being terribly miss-pronounced.

Two weeks after I competed at Division 1 College Nationals in Discus Throw at Eugene Oregon where I got the worst grass allergy reaction you can imagine. I ended up with an honorable mention.

Ectomorph transformation. From a skinny teenager to muscular D1 Discus Thrower.

Sweden & Personal Training

After graduation, I have permanently moved to live with my girlfriend in Stockholm, Sweden.

I have decided to use my knowledge I got while being involved in sports for all my life and put my Exercise Science Diploma to work.

I have become a person I always wanted to be. Somebody who is able to help others with their own ectomorph transformation. Ever since, I have been coaching people in person and online in order to improve their life.

Ectomorph Transformation

“Ectomorph Transformation” was a common phrase I often put in Youtube. Those videos served me as a motivation to hit the gym and maybe sometimes make my own video like it.

Years later, I can finally say it actually happened.


Hopefully my story will inspire you to do the same. I am in completely different place than I was then.

Being disciplined, doing your workouts and dieting will be hard. However, just remember that everything is possible as long as you train smart and not giving up.

Besides that, never forget to LIFT, EAT, SLEEP, REPEAT!

About the Author

Hey, my name is Ire.I am a Personal Trainer/ Strength Coach based in Stockholm, Sweden.When you don't find me in the gym, I will most likely be on a Track and Field stadium throwing around a discus.