How much does online personal training cost?


Jul 04

Question: How much does online personal training cost?

Answer: Lately it seems that many people are choosing online personal trainers over offline. One big reason for that is because online personal training is generally cheaper. But how much cheaper? How much does online personal training cost?

The prices can vary greatly from $30 to $200 per month. An online personal trainers chose their own rates based on expertise, amount of assistance and results they have brought to previous clients. This article will help you to assess your next online personal trainer, so you can be sure that you are paying a fair price.

Benefits of using an Online Personal Trainer

1. Exercising on your own schedule

When working with an on-site personal trainer, you will usually have to adjust to their schedules. That means that even though you hate exercising in the morning, you might have to sacrifice your sleep in order to get your training sessions done.

2. Avoiding late cancellation fees

Offline personal trainers often have a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel your session 24 hours before the session, you will still have to pay fee (usually entire price). We do that in order to protect our time. Since personal trainer get pay by the hour, cancellation would otherwise mean no money and an empty slot in the schedule. However, emergencies and sudden sickness do happen. Because you are actually not meeting an onlne Personal Trainer, you do not have to worry about canceling sessions wasting money on paying cancellation fees.

3. Accountability

Online personal trainer is going to keep you accountable for what you have agree on during initial consultation. Just because you are paying for their service, you still need to put in work to expect a change. You will actually have to put in the work and implement new habits. Having a mentor and somebody to keep you accountable is an incredible powerful tool. Personal trainer will be able to adjust your habits and workouts based on how you are performing.

4. Professional Help

If you are new to the fitness world, you might feel overwhelmed by all the information that is out there. In fact, the biggest problem in this industry is that much of information are not scientifically proven. Unfortunately, too many fitness professionals are using false-information for profit.

For example, lately something called “Orangetheory” has becoming a new trend. It is based on theory that something called “fat burning zone” is needed in order to burn fat and not muscle during a workout. That is achieved by staying in correct heart rate area during exercise. Everybody who have a Exercise Science degree or a highly recognizable certification knows that this concept is a complete bullshit. It is obviously only advertised so these companies are able to sell you heart rate measuring gadgets and make tons of profit.

Online personal trainers with recognizable certifications spent years studying and coaching clients. They should know in theory and practice what works and what doesn’t. Having a professional help will cut through all the bullshit found online and steer you in the right direction.

5. Affordability

My guess is that everybody in this world would not mind having a personal trainer. In fact, a great personal trainer can add incredible amount of value in your life. Of course, paying for this kind of service only seems fair. However, offline personal training is unfortunately often too expensive for somebody with average budget. That is what makes online personal training so great. Now, you will pay monthly to what offline personal trainers charge hourly.

Man lifting weight in the gym. He is following a program from his coach

Disadvantages of using an Online Personal Trainer

1. Not best choice for complete newbies

Whenever I get an online personal trainer request from a complete newbie, I tell them that learning technique on more advanced exercises is going to be a hassle with an online personal trainer. I recommend them to use their big box  gym membership in order to get in contact with an actual personal trainer. These gym will usually offer 2 free hours in order to get Personal Trainers an opportunity to gain more clients. I tell them to use those two hours in order to get taught basics of Squat, Deadlift and Bench press. After those two hours, if they feel like they can consistently perform these lifts without a watchful eye, I would consider them joining the program.

2. Instant feedback

Feeling little bit sore on the day or that exercise just isn’t going to work today? Personal trainers are experts in adjusting a workout to your mood and coming up with alternative exercises. With online personal trainer, you will have a harder time doing so.

3. No intimidation factor

Many of my offline clients tell me that they push themselves way more when I am there. We are all like that. We tend to put more effort into something, if we feel like we are being tested or analyzed. Long term, that effort translates to quicker progress. Having an online personal trainer eliminates intimidation factor. That is why you will need something else to pump you up. I’ve found that heavy metal music with combination of pre-workout usually does the job.

Is online personal training right choice for you?

Depends on what kind of client you are. I divide gym goers into two types:


These are the people that do not enjoy going to the gym, however they feel guilty if they do not take care of their own body. They want to make fitness part of their life, however are not motivated enough to take it too seriously.

Their goal is “feeling good in their body” rather than anything else. Guilt feelers chose a personal trainer to literally force themselves to go to the gym. Now, that they paid for something, they are forced to go. They care about having fun during a workout and using a personal trainer more as their psychologist. Guilt feelers usually feel happy as long as they exercised and stop thinking about fitness as soon as they leave the gym. Guilt feelers will not substitute their usual lunch fries with rice.


Goal setters are on the other hand extremely goal oriented. They accept commitments with caution. These are the people that are usually very organized and usually get what they want. Their goal is usually extremely specific.

These are the people that are disciplined and expect results. They stick to their workout plans and are willing to sacrifice things in order to reach what they are striving for. They constantly assess their progress and want to feel that they are improving every day.

Firstly, I want to say that I have nothing against Guilt Feelers. You want to enjoy life and not take the gym too seriously. Hey, I get it! As long as you make your way to the gym… all kudos to you! You are doing better than 80% of population and are actually taking actions to take care of your own body!

However, I do believe that only Goal Setters will truly benefit from investing into online personal training. It is a system where you are a little bit more independent, therefore you need a strong will to go through everything. It is a system where everything is based on excel sheets with strong focus on constant progression. Constantly tracking body weight, measurements and strength testing. Online personal training is extremely result based since online coaches want testimonials of clients transforming their body in a short period of time. In that case, their interest is to bring results so they could use you as an example to have more people buy their product.

Man reviewing an online personal trainer program just before his workout.

What do online personal training packages include?

1. Individually structured workout plan

Personal training has a crucial word in it. “Personal”. Everybody has different wants and needs. That is why your online personal trainer should build an individual program specifically for your body type and goals.

2. Nutrition Plan

It should come as no surprise that nutrition is going to play a massive part on your fitness journey. Ever heard of:” 20% workout and 80% nutrition?” Online personal trainer should be able to teach you how to count your calories. What is more, they should have a system in place where they can see the foods you consumed and logged.

3. Communication Tool

Online personal trainer should be available for you to answer any questions you might have in the process. That is usually done through email, texts, facebook messenger or skype sessions.

4. Community

“We are the average of 5 people we hang out with the most”. Being in the environment with like-minded people who are on the same journey as you is an extremely powerful tool. A community where people help each other and give feedback is the one that pushes individuals to level they could never imagine. Online personal trainers usually create a community in the form of private Facebook groups.

How much does online personal training cost? Man performing snatch exercise in the gym.

How to pick an online personal trainer?

  • Identify if you are a Goal Setter or Guilt Feeler. Realistically assess how important it is for you to change your appearance and improve self confidence. 
  • Decide what you need help with the most and what your goals are
  • Google an online personal trainer who can provide that and who specializes in your niche (weight loss, muscle gain, strength training…)
  • Read their offer and make sure they have proper certifications and clients that they have already helped. 
  • Look for somebody who is going to teach you things. Does that person have a blog, podcast OR do they just post half naked pictures of themselves on Instagram to get attention?
  • Contact an online personal trainer through email, DM or book an initial consultation.

How much does online personal training cost?

Before we discuss online training, lets first mention on-site personal training fees. Prices for on-site personal trainers vary from around 80-120$ per hour! If you are meeting that trainer two times a week, you will be spending over $700 each month for that luxury.

On the other side, prices of online personal trainers are way lower and therefore more realistic for everybody. The actual prices usually vary from around $30-$200 monthly. This is not to say that cheaper is going to be a better choice. I would rather pay $170 more per month for somebody who actually cares about my progress and teaches me things rather than just sending me some general workout plans that I could easily google. Remember, even a $1/month coach is going to bee too expensive if they do not provide any value. 

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Wrap up

Online personal training is becoming a new hit due to affordability. It makes it possible for anybody to have a online personal trainer. However, there are some limitation when it comes to doing everything online. Depending on a your needs and existing fitness knowledge, you should decide whether to go with an online version or with an on-site personal trainer. Generally, complete beginners should probably go with the latter.

Online Personal Trainers should help with your nutrition, exercise plan and create a environment for you in which you can grow.

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