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3-STEP Proven Formula for Beginners


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    During 12-Week Program, you are going  to gain up to 10 pounds (5kg). Through correct dieting methods taught in the program, you will maximize muscle mass potential gained in 12-weeks.
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    This program does not only add meat to your body. Being an athlete my entire life, I have always been a huge supporter of functional body. You are going to increase your maxes in all barbell lifts. 
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    Feeling pushed around on basic of your weak physique? Shut their faces by action. Earn your respect through committing to this 12-weeks challenge. Show them what you are capable of and you will see people starting treating you differently. 
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    Respecting yourself and looking more attractive is obviously going to increase your confidence. Trust me, ladies can smell that! 

3 PHASES for NEW ​​​​STRONGER AND MUSCULAR version of you

Below phases will move you from a complete beginner to an intermediate level lifter


Duration: 4-8 weeks

BASE MASS phase focuses on learning basic barbell lifts and implementing them in a way to maximize your muscle growth.


Duration: 4-8 weeks

HYBRID MASS phase transfers from pure mass to little bit more strength as well. Now that we are familiar with basic barbell lifts, we can train a little heavier.


Duration: 8-12 weeks

HYBRID STRENGTH phase is the heaviest phase of them all. In this phase we will focus on maximize strength. However, being a hybrid program means you will still gain some muscle mass.

About Ire

Hey, my name is Ire and originally I am from Slovenia. I have studied Exercise Science in New York (Manhattan College) and I work as a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach in Stockholm, Sweden. I have gained my experience through years of competing on a high level as a Discus Thrower as well as through helping hundreds of clients. 

My passion is great due to the fitness journey I have went through. My body transformation completely changed my life. It went way beyond fitness and I believe everyone can do the same thing.

That is why I decided to dedicate my time to help people who were just like me. Depressed, skinny and self conscious. 

What You'll Get

Invitation to the app through which the program will be delivered. In it, you will log workouts, progress pictures, measurements and diet. 

Before each phase, a new PDF sheet will be released to you with an introduction and instructions. 

Weekly email check ups, through which we will discuss previous week progress. if needed, we will make changes to the program and nutrition.


Leo (client for 6 months)

"First few months showed a lot of gains with my weight, my strength and my technique. It was very time effective and systemized"

Leo gained 5kg in first 3 months after completing 12 -week program and improved tremendously in all compound lifts.

Leo Martic


Homan went through a ridiculous transformation. When we started working together, his best Deadlift was at 80kg and he Bench Pressed 60kg. After completing the 12 - week program, we continued working for another 2 months towards maximum strength.

In total, Homan gained 10kg and increased his lifts from:

Deadlift: 80kg-190kg
Bench Press:  60kg-110kg
Squat: 70kg - 160kg

Results from a SurveyMonkey Survey:

Is online coaching right for you?

Online Coaching used by anybody, however it is specifically designed for skinny beginner.
That is the group that is going to benefit the most with the program.

Who is this for

  • If you have never been to the gym before
  • If you are a beginner/intermediate lifter
  • If you are somebody who struggle with being consistant in the gym
  • If you understand that you will have to put in work

Who is this not for

  • If you have a serious injury that would prevent you from doing Squat, Bench Press or Deadlift
  • If you are not going to be able to spend at least 3 hours a week in the gym
  • If you are not serious about transforming your body

I am so confident that my program is going to work, that I want to offer you an offer you cannot resist. If you are not happy or satisfied within your first 60 days, we will send you 100% money back. No questions or hassle, just all of your money back. I am crazy enough to do this because I truly believe that this will transform every skinny body. I want you to know that there is absolutely not risk in making this decision.


In addition to everything you receive in the main program, you also get everything below included.


Beginner's Pack

Beginner's pack is a zip file of various PDFs Combined. Beginners pack include:  Alcohol 101, Sleep 101, Water 101, Proteins 101, Smoothie 101, Supplements 101, Protein Cards,  Calorie Hacking, Macros Cheat Sheet


Free Recipe eBook

Recipe eBook is a collection of a whole week recipes. It includes shopping list, ingredients and already calculated macro nutrients. 

Hurry up, spots are filling up fast!

800 sEK ≈ 80 USD / month

  • All Member Benefits
  • Cancel Anytime
  • 60 - Day Guarantee


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