Stretch Marks From Lifting Weights? Top 3 Ways to Deal With it


Mar 02

Hey you! I am glad to see you here. You have decided to improve your life and committed to gym lifestyle. While 80% of your friends have stopped joining you for gym sessions, you remained. You worked in the dark and now the rewards are finally starting to come up. Your muscles are getting bigger while your friends are saying: “you look like you can’t be push around as much anymore”.

You are getting more confident and your skinny jeans are becoming too small BUT your skin is starting to tear by your armpits. You work so hard in the gym to take your shirt off on the beach when the summer comes around, but now those stretch marks are going to ruin everything.

I will talk to you about three ways to deal with stretch marks you got from lifting weights. We will talk about how to control stretch marks, how to make them fade away and what to think of it.


Stretch marks are colored lines that happen due to sudden skin stretching. In our case, that is hopefully due to muscle mass growth. Stretch marks appear red or purple and fade to white over time. It is a problem most of newbie lifters face.

Looking online for a solution on how to get rid of them, will most likely leave you disappointed and broke. Getting completely rid of stretch marks is unfortunately not possible. However, there is a cheap way to partly prevent them and make them fade away.

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1. Prevention

Stretch marks can be partly prevented through hydration. Hydration through actual water intake and through applying hydration creams.

Like I said in many articles before, I recommend that you buy yourself a big water jug. Fill it up in the morning and carry it with you whenever you go. Make sure the jug is empty by the end of the day. Way easier to keep track of one jug than trying to drink 8 glasses of water on a daily.

Regarding the creams, go to your local drugstore and get yourself a bottle of coconut oil. Make it a habit to rub it on shoulders, chest and inner thighs every day after shower.

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2. Fade it QUICKER!

What about the stretch marks that you already have? I have tried and read about many different strategies. The only solution that made sense to me and that IT ACTUALLY WORKED was microneedling. Unlike all other strategies, this one is scientifically proven. (Study, study, study)

Now, what the hell is microneedling??

It is a basically rubbing a toothbrush full of needles onto your stretch mark area. Creating micro-injuries triggers collagen and elastin synthesis. That speeds up the process of skin repairing itself, making your stretch marks fading away quicker.

Microneedling is also used for reducing acne scars, wrinkles and overall signs of aging. You can even see some crazy (or brave) women using it on their faces. Depending on purpose, needle size will differ. For stretch marks, it is recommended to start with 1.0 and work to 1.5 after 3 months of use.

You can get exact same one I did here.

1. Disinfect area where you will apply the derma roller
2. Five times diagonally each direction
3. Five times vertically/horizontally each direction
4.Repeat the process every 4 weeks (NOT MORE OFTEN THAN THAT)

*do not apply pressure when rolling. Process itself should not hurt

3. Embrace it

Now, even though you apply both tactics above, stretch marks are not going to completely go away.

But you know what, who gives a shit? Stretch marks should be worn with confidence. Think of them as battle scars, or even tiger scars. Life has put you through some hard shit. You were always made fun off due to your skinny physique. That shit messed with your head and certainly affected your confidence. You didn’t like that, but more importantly you did something about it. You entered a battle with a tiger. Fight is long and hard, but you are starting to defeat that motherfucker. So, keep doing you. Keep showing up to the gym and keep making those gains while tiger’s claws are getting less and less sharp.

Stretch Marks From Lifting weights. angry tiger looking to attack


Newbies in the gym often get stretch marks from lifting weights. When I went to my doctor for stretch marks, he told me to stop taking the pills my coach is giving to me. I took that as a compliment. He actually thought the rate of my gains were unnatural.

Throughout the time I found a way to fade my stretch marks using microneedling. Even though it helped a lot, they did not vanish completely. I decided to wear my tiger scars with pride. Oh, and by the way, nobody gives a fuck.


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Hey, my name is Ire.I am a Personal Trainer/ Strength Coach based in Stockholm, Sweden.When you don't find me in the gym, I will most likely be on a Track and Field stadium throwing around a discus.

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    Might finally give this dermaroller thing a try… Heard about it many times before

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    I’ve been working hard in the gym lately and built a lot of muscle. One of the unfortunate side effects of the rapid gain of size, being fat or muscle is stretch marks. I seem to have skin that’s prone to it more than the average person! They were on my arms, armpits, shoulders, and chest. Not good at all. But I bought Stretch mark serum of dermalmd, applied some every day to the problem areas and they really really improved the look of my stretch marks. Just be patient, keep at it and you’ll see results. Good stuff.

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